I take so much pride in the fact that my life revolves around a celebration of love, laughter, and family. To me a photograph is meant to capture those celebrations, whether it be in the many special moments of your wedding day, solidifying your family’s love during the holidays, or capturing the joy only a child can radiate. My life’s passion is to create photographs that will have a direct impact on my clients, which will remain with them for a lifetime.

I bring a fun, personable, energetic and confident feel to each and every photo shoot, yet still know how to blend into the shadows to get that perfect shot. I will sit back and let you create your own special moments, but also step in for some guidance if needed. I know not everyone is used to being in front of the camera, so I do whatever it takes to get you to relax and have a good time.

Most photographers specialize in one type of photography, but for me, I feel it's impossible to just focus on one aspect of life. I am a photographer of ♥ LOVE ♥

I want to be here when your life first starts together as a couple, when your relationship grows stronger by the little one growing inside of you, when you first meet that little one you both created together and when your family grows even bigger as the years go by...

I am not just a wedding, maternity, newborn, baby, family photographer...I am a photographer of LOVE!!!

I am typically photographing babies, families or couples 5 days out of the week. When I'm not busy capturing the love between others, my days are often filled with lots of laughing, snuggling and dancing with my two silly girls and hubby. We love family bike rides, working in our vegetable garden, silly dance parties in the livingroom, trips to the zoo, bowling, camping, the beach and big family BBQ's! We just feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful city where we get to live our own little dream life we have created for ourselves!